TalkTalkTV / Blinkbox

TalkTalkTV / Blinkbox

United Kingdom

Unblock and Watch TalkTalkTV / Blinkbox Outside the UK

Yes, you can watch TalkTalkTV from anywhere in the world with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN network. Get started for free here.

TalkTalkTV / Blinkbox

TalkTalkTV (formerly known as Blinkbox) is a UK-based VoD service which is available on multiple platforms including PC and Mac, gaming consoles, tablets, iOS and Android mobile devices and smart TVs. Just like most of the streaming services, TalkTalkTV is exclusively available within the UK and anyone trying to access the channel from outside UK will see the message that the service is unavailable.

Unblock TalkTalkTV and watch it outside the UK

There are several ways to circumvent geo-location and some of them require a lot of technical knowledge or additional software. Getflix comes to your rescue with the best and the easiest way to watch TalkTalkTV outside UK without any troubles. Smart DNS is an advanced technology which redirects your Internet traffic via a UK server without decreasing your connection speed and changing your IP.

You still have access to your local websites and, at the same time, you can unblock TalkTalkTV (and hundreds of other channels) without worrying about the fact that you may be located outside the UK. Whether you are on holiday outside UK or simply live in another part of the world, you can still watch UK-based programs from the rest of Europe, both Americas, Asia, Australia or Africa as long as you are connected to the Internet. Simply join us and find out how easy it is.

Great thing about the technology is that you can take it with you wherever you go as it is also available for mobile devices. You can stay in touch with your favorite TalkTalkTV programs on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. If you prefer to set up your home network with the possibility of watching geo-restricted services – that can also be done. You simply set up your router and all devices using this router in your home network will be able to stream the services. In case of any technical troubles – go straight to our support section or ask our engineers for help.

Use Smart VPN to unblock geo-located services

Another option to unblock geo-restricted services like TalkTalkTV outside UK is Smart VPN. This technology binds the speed and easiness of Smart DNS with online security and anonymity of VPN. From the point of view of a user’s experience, Smart VPN is equally easy to use and any regular Getflix subscriber with the Internet-capable device will be able to use its full potential.

Smart VPN fully encrypts your traffic and takes it directly to a dedicated UK-based VPN server hiding your IP and thus allowing you to gain access to a UK-based service without being detected as coming from outside UK. In addition to the ability of accessing geo-blocked services like TalkTalkTV, it also provides you with full online security so important while using unprotected Wi-Fi spots in airports, hotels or other public places.

Become a part of the Getflix family and watch TalkTalkTV online outside UK along with other great streaming services supported by us.

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