What’s the Best VPN for the Money?

What’s the Best VPN for the Money?

How Compares to ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurfShark

When you browse the Internet without a secure connection, your private data is at risk. This includes your name and geographic location, your finances, the state of your health, your web browsing and app use history, the content of your personal communications, your children’s personal information, and so much more. Your entire online life is at risk of being exposed and exploited by bad actors.

A hacker can use that information to steal your identity, hijack your personal finances, and more. Unethical corporations can sell your data or use it to deliver unwanted advertising. ISPs can throttle or outright block your connections. Governments can keep an eye on your private activity. A VPN protects your personal data and prevents others from identifying you.

VPNs create a tunnel to transport your data from your computer. Data entering the tunnel is encrypted and is decrypted only when it leaves. This prevents third parties like hackers or ISPs from monitoring or stealing your data. The tunnel passes through a private network before heading out into the wider Internet. This makes your Internet traffic look like it is coming from an IP address other than your own. By changing your IP address, you can bypass censorship, confuse online trackers, and gain access to content that is usually only available in certain countries.

Getflix Full VPN protects you while you are surfing the Internet. More than providing regular VPN services,

How GetFlix Keeps You Safe Online (When Other VPNs Don’t)

Most VPNs encrypt your traffic and nothing else. Contrary to public perception, a VPN alone isn’t enough to guarantee complete security and privacy. GetFlix Full VPN goes above and beyond to provide complete protection. GetFlix Full VPN offers a critical advantage in three use cases.

The first VPN use case is security while using public wifi. Let’s say you’re on a computer in a coffee shop and decide to connect to the public wifi. You don’t know if that wifi device is secure because it’s someone else’s device. You just connect to it. Anyone can clone the public device, use the same wifi name, and place their own device in the coffee shop. This is called a honeypot. Instead of connecting to the public wifi, you might be connecting to a hacker with malicious intent.

GetFlix Full VPN prevents this from happening to you by providing complete protection. GetFlix Full VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer or mobile device to GetFlix’s servers. All your data traffic goes through this tunnel. The owner of the wifi device cannot monitor your Internet activities or steal any of your data.

The second VPN use case is protecting your privacy while surfing the Internet. At home, at school and at work, your ISP knows every website you visit. Whenever you use their networks, your activity is logged with time stamps. You are giving them insight into your daily Internet usage. Your ISP can then give that information to the government, or even sell it to third parties.                                                                                                       

With GetFlix Full VPN, you can create the same encrypted tunnel through our applications. The ISP, as well as corporations and governments, cannot see what you’re doing online. They will not be able to discover your private information and use it against you. GetFlix Full VPN does not log your network activity. Your connection remains safe and private.

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The third VPN use case is streaming entertainment. Streaming has become extremely popular over the past 10 years, but it is still limited by geography. Some shows and channels are only accessible to people living in certain locations. If you’re reading this article from the United States, you cannot stream UK or Australian channels. Likewise, many publicly-funded broadcasters, such as France Télévisions, cannot be accessed outside their home countries. 

With other VPNs, if you are in the US and you want to watch a show from a UK streaming service, you have to connect your VPN to the company’s UK server. All your data will travel through the VPN tunnel, which consumes bandwidth and reduces your Internet speed. Not only that, the greater the distance between your location and the server you are trying to connect to, the more your VPN slows down.

Even though it only takes milliseconds, as the distance increases, the data packets travel more slowly. This lowers your bandwidth speed and streaming quality. The quality of a show streamed from the UK will be significantly lower than a show streamed from the United States. If you want to connect to Australia instead, the video quality will be even worse than if you had connected to the UK. 

GetFlix is a smart VPN because you don’t need to connect to any country’s specific server. You only need to connect to whichever server is nearest to you. If you live in New York City, then you just have to connect to the NYC server. Then, if you want to stream German channels, you can simply visit the .de website. You don’t have to connect to a server in Germany to access German channels.

GetFlix’s global network infrastructure knows where websites are located. For example, GetFlix servers know that the BBC is hosted in the UK. When you access the BBC from New York via the NYC server, the server connects to GetFlix’s backend streaming network. The connection then goes through the UK network. Traffic from the UK passes through the Getflix New York server, then goes to you.

GetFlix Full VPN also supports several different security protocols, including L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN through UDP and TCP ports. Whichever you choose, you get the ultimate encryption, security, and speed experience with GetFlix.

Why GetFlix Is Popular with Travelers and Expats

10 to 20 years ago, expats needed expensive cable subscriptions with upsells of $50 to $100 per month just to watch a couple of channels back home. Even today, the situation hasn’t changed. Most people simply cannot afford to spend so much money on so little content, especially if they only want to watch certain shows or events.

As such, VPNs are popular among travelers and expats. They let you stream services from your home country, which may not be available in your current location, without having to shell out a huge amount of money. They also let you get around local restrictions to access the content you want. However, VPNs are difficult and time-consuming to set up. GetFlix makes it extremely simple for travelers to enjoy all the advantages of our service.

When you create an account, it follows you everywhere you go. GetFlix has Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android applications. Just turn on the app, click connect, and it will connect to your desired server or network location. It is that simple. If you’re an American visiting Germany, all you have to do is to connect to the Getflix German server, and you can watch your favorite US shows. GetFlix Full VPN provides unparalleled simplicity in a space filled with complicated VPN solutions.

Major streaming services restrict content by region. For example, Netflix in Asia has a different catalog than Netflix in the United States. Public broadcasters like France Télévisions can only be watched in the national territory. GetFlix bypasses these restrictions. It allows you to access the catalog of your home country, or any other country, from anywhere in the world. 

Over 2 million customers love to use GetFlix to watch events from around the world. If you are based in the US, GetFlix allows you to access global sporting events like the Premier League, which are normally only viewable in their home countries. If you’re in Tokyo and you want to watch US-only sporting events like the NFL or NHL, you can use GetFlix to quickly and easily stream the content you want without having to mess with complicated VPN settings. 

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How GetFlix Unblocks 600+ Streaming Channels Worldwide

More than just a smart VPN, GetFlix also offers an additional function: Smart Domain Name Service.

Every device connected to the Internet needs to connect to the DNS server so they know where the content is to retrieve it. ISPs do this for you. Type in, and your ISP DNS server tells your computer which IP address to connect to; your computer then connects to that specific IP address to retrieve the content. This is done automatically for every website you visit. During this process, the DNS server sees your own IP address. If you are trying to access content that is restricted by geography, your connection will be blocked.

GetFlix’s Smart DNS service is for people who don’t need encryption but just want to access streaming services worldwide. While it does not provide any privacy or encryption, it enables users to unlock content from across the globe.

GetFlix Full VPN is a free, optional add-on to the GetFlix Smart DNS paid subscription plan. If you only want Smart DNS, you will not pay extra for GetFlix Full VPN, and you will still enjoy all the benefits of the Smart DNS service.

GetFlix Full VPN only works on devices where you’ve downloaded the app. GetFlix Smart DNS works on almost any device that has an Internet connection. Simply open your app or local streaming service, and you can connect automatically.

GetFlix Smart DNS takes 60 seconds to set up. All you have to do is to go to the network configuration on your device, scroll to the DNS section, and enter the GetFlix IP address. It’s all you have to do, whether you’re using a computer or some other Internet-connected device. When you visit a UK website, GetFlix Smart DNS treats your device as if it is located in the UK.

GetFlix operates a global network of DNS servers. Locations include Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, India, Brazil, South Africa and the United States. Wherever you are located, there is a DNS server nearby.

Conventional Smart DNS servers aren’t always available. ISPs in some countries block third party DNS servers, or hijack connections and force them to route through their own servers. Public wifi and hotel room wifi services also prevent access to Smart DNS services. Furthermore, you cannot use a 3G or 4G connection and a Smart DNS service at the same time. 

GetFlix DNS-over-VPN service allows you to connect to GetFlix DNS servers using a VPN, even under these situations. It bypasses unfriendly ISPs and prevents your connection from being blocked or hijacked. Using the GetFlix Full VPN in conjunction with the GetFlix Smart SNS service ensures that you will continue to enjoy using the GetFlix Smart DNS service wherever you go.

Not every Smart DNS service offers this function. Unlocator, for example, does not provide a DNS-over-VPN function. Some ISPs may censor connections that use Unlocator’s Smart DNS service. Others use a network structure that breaks access to Unlocator. 

GetFlix employs a global network of extremely high-speed data centers. GetFlix offers speeds of tens of gigabytes per second, even more, if needed. There is virtually no lag while using the GetFlix Smart DNS service. 

Other VPN companies that do not offer a Smart DNS service are forced to utilize a broad approach. All data traffic passes through the VPN tunnel, even data that the user doesn’t want to be encrypted. Some VPNs offer split-tunneling, which allows the user to decide which apps and devices should send data through the tunnel. This claws back some speed and streaming quality, but it is not a perfect solution. The speed and quality of the content cannot compare to GetFlix’s high-speed data centers. 

How the GetFlix Smart DNS Works (Better)

The secret of GetFlix’s high speeds and high quality lies in technology. Instead of using complex VPNs or tunnels, GetFlix simply re-routes relevant connections to the appropriate servers.

When you use GetFlix Smart DNS, all your DNS requests go to the GetFlix DNS servers. GetFlix forwards most of the DNS lookups you make to another DNS server. But when connecting to certain servers, GetFlix returns the address of the local server. The destination server sees your request coming from the GetFlix server’s IP address instead of your own.

If you access Netflix using GetFlix, Netflix will connect to the GetFlix US server instead of the servers in your location. Netflix thinks you’re in the US instead of your actual location. As such, you will be able to access US-only content even if you’re not in the US.

Only a small number of connections are re-routed this way. The rest of your regular Internet browsing is not affected. Video streams from Netflix, Hulu, and other channels are streamed directly to your device. This maintains high speeds and high quality, essential for an enjoyable viewing experience. It is a superior alternative to a VPN if you don’t need additional privacy or encryption.

GetFlix Smart DNS takes your privacy security. GetFlix does not log, archive, or track any data except to provide support. If you do need support, GetFlix always asks for your permission first, and only logs requests from your IP address. GetFlix does not log any requests from any other IP address.

How GetFlix Beats “Free” High-Risk Streaming

Some websites stream content from other countries for ‘free’. They stream live sports events, movies, shows, and other such content. The reality is that there is no such thing as free content. If you are not paying for the service, you are the product. 

Legitimate channels that provide free-to-air services make money by bombarding you with advertisements. Instead of you subscribe directly to the channel for a reasonable fee, they want you to spend even more money on their advertisers’ products. Having your stream interrupted by advertising is also annoying, especially if you do not have the option to skip them. 

Some websites may embed free content from legal channels, but due to geographic restrictions, it may be illegal for you to access that content in your current location. Furthermore, those websites may have questionable security measures, leaving you vulnerable to adware, spyware and malware. These websites also have limited bandwidth and content, since there is usually a huge number of people watching the content at any time. 

Pirate websites are dangerous. While you are watching ‘free’ content on those websites, they may inject adware, malware and other unwanted software into your computer. You are exposing yourself to hackers who want to steal your data. The free content hooks you and keeps you coming back. If the hackers don’t succeed on the first try, they get to keep trying again for as long as you return to the website. Not only that, in some countries, simply watching or possessing pirated content is a crime. You are exposing yourself to unnecessary risks by consuming pirated content. 

If you use a VPN to access legal content online, the stream will tend to be slow, intermittent and unreliable. There is simply no working around the problems of distance and speed loss. If you are watching a live sports event, you are bound to miss some of the most exciting moments of the match. In addition, some VPNs may not be compatible with your device. You will not be able to access all the content you want with speed and convenience on all your devices. 

If your TV is not compatible with a VPN app, you are stuck with your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. This makes for a less-than-optimal viewing experience. Of course, if you’re out and about, this may be your only option. However, if you’re at home with a

People try to work around device incompatibility by jury-rigging solutions. For example, a person’s VPN and streaming service may only work on his laptop, but he feels that the laptop screen is too small for an enjoyable viewing experience. He grabs a HDMI cable and connects his laptop to his TV instead. 

Setting up a HDMI connection every time you want to watch a stream on TV can be tedious and frustrating. If you have a tower computer instead of a laptop, you need to physically haul the tower from one place to another. The cables are messy and get in the way. This is dangerous in households with pets or small children, and it is an eyesore when you are trying to concentrate on your show. Should the HDMI cable loosen somehow, your stream will be interrupted. When you interface with your laptop, you may experience latency between input and the view on the TV. 

Another popular option is to use a small form factor computer as a dedicated media center. Examples of SFF computers include a Mac Mini, a Raspberry Pi, or a Dell OptiPlex. The SFF computer is connected to the TV, registered with a VPN or Smart DNS service, and streams content into the display. 

Such a setup can be expensive and time-consuming. You will need to choose the right SFF computer for your purposes, and you may have to assemble the computer yourself. While this may appeal to power users and tech enthusiasts, many customers simply have no wish to spend dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars on an SFF computer just to watch one or two channels. They would rather prefer a cheap, hassle-free plug-and-play solution. 

An in-between option is to use Chromecast to stream from your PC to your TV. While simple and convenient, it is also limited by your available bandwidth. If you’re using a wireless network, you may experience lagging or stuttering. Not only that, the Chromecast device does not natively support VPNs. You need to install and set up a VPN on your router before you can use Chromecast to access geo-restricted content.

GetFlix lets you sidestep all these problems. When you want to access content on a legal streaming service, you can sign up with the service using your credit card or another payment method. GetFlix does not interfere with the process and does not earn a cut as an affiliate. After that, you can use GetFlix to access your content.

GetFlix Smart DNS is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, WD TV Live, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, and Nintendo Wii U and Wii. You can stream your content directly into your favorite compatible device.

It is as simple as that. You don’t have to jury-rig a complicated and unreliable cable solution. GetFlix’s global network of high-speed data centers ensures a fast, reliable, and high-quality experience. With easy, convenient access to your favorite content, you don’t have to unnecessarily expose yourself to hackers and law enforcement. The optional GetFlix Full VPN protects your data at no extra cost. 

You are not a product. You just want to watch your favorite shows and movies without worrying about hackers, ads, viruses, choppy connections, and other such hassles. With GetFlix, you can enjoy a hassle-free entertainment experience with complete peace of mind. 

How to Use GetFlix VPN and Streaming FREE

With 10 years of experience and a user base of over 2 million customers and rising, GetFlix Full VPN is the true leader in the VPN and video streaming space. A full-time staff of 20 personnel manages and constantly improves the global network, providing 24/7 365 support. GetFlix is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars and is ranked 3 out of 20 best DNS provider companies and 4 out of 24 best VPN service companies.

GetFlix enables access to over 600 channels and streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+, and BBC. Blockbuster brands and niche channels from America, Europe, India, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere are available through GetFlix, and GetFlix is constantly adding more channels. 

ExpressVPN only claims compatibility with 69 apps and streaming services on their website. Unlocator supports 241—less than half of GetFlix. GetFlix is number one in the world in terms of the variety and geographical distribution of streaming channels. 

GetFlix offers a 14-day free trial for the Smart DNS service. No credit card information is required. Simply download the GetFlix app, sign up for an account, and start using it. At the end of the trial, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for it. If you do decide to sign up for a paid plan, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a free trial. It makes you purchase their plan before you can use it. You can request a refund within 30 days, but by then, they will already have your payment information. 

Overall, competing VPN companies are much more expensive than GetFlix. Let’s do the math so you can get the best deal possible.

ExpressVPN and SurfShark charge $12.95 for one month. NordVPN’s one-month plan is priced at $11.99. GetFlix only charges $4.95. For $12.95, you can purchase three months on GetFlix. 

The longer the plan you select, the more savings you enjoy. GetFlix offers are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. The GetFlix two-year plan runs to only $54.90, which is less than $2.29 a month. Express VPN charges $6.67 per month for a one-year plan, while NordVPN prices its two-year plan at $3.29 per month. The only competitor that comes close is SurfShark, which charges $59.76 for two years, or $2.49 a month. 

Compared to other Smart DNS service providers, GetFlix offers tremendous value for money in an all-in-one package. Unlocator charges $3.29 a month for a two-year Smart DNS-only service plan, and $4.96 a month to include its VPN service. SimpleTelly offers a monthly plan at $4, but it does not provide a VPN service. While TrickByte has a 2-year combined VPN and Smart DNS plan for $2.08 a month, it is limited to only 350 websites, versus GetFlix’s 600. 

Some companies offer cheap plans because they cannot provide reliable and high-quality services. Others demand premium rates for premium quality. Driven by its vision, GetFlix offers premium services at affordable rates.

GetFlix’s goal is to provide VPN and streaming services to as many users as possible, particularly to those who may not be able to afford higher-priced services. Instead of focusing solely on wealthy countries, GetFlix reaches out to anyone in developing nations with lower wages, and to those who need privacy and security.

Sanctions hurt the people the most, not big businesses or corrupt politicians. Businesses and politicians have many ways to work around sanctions. Regular people do not, and suffer from a lack of free access to the wider Internet. Imposing a high price for VPN services does not help to alleviate the situation. The more well-to-do may be able to afford them, but for ordinary citizens scraping to get by, it is not a cost they can shoulder. 

Governments in some countries monitor Internet use and block access to undesirable websites or crackdown on those who try to bypass censorship and regulations. ISPs are always keeping tabs on you. In those places, simply surfing the Internet poses a risk, above and beyond what people in other developed countries may experience. Using a VPN is practically mandatory in such countries to ensure continued freedom from censorship and government monitoring. 

GetFlix envisions a world where anyone can connect to anywhere on the Internet, without fear of being exploited or exposed. GetFlix Full VPN ensures your online security wherever you go. GetFlix Smart DNS expands your video streaming experience. You will enjoy total privacy and freedom of online browsing at the best price and highest value in the industry.

GetFlix opens a safe gateway to the rest of the world. Don’t be isolated. Get on GetFlix now and be connected to the globe.

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